do-ideas-come-naturally forcewords

Do ideas come naturally or can they be fired up?

How great men and women who made enormous contributions to societies, nations, and the universe, at large; high-achievers in various fields; entrepreneurs; and the likes struck […]
5 winning ways to write forcewords

5 winning ways to write effectively

You’re a working professional, aren’t you? You should know diction is the starting point of all types of written communication. It is defined as “the choice […]
Kid didnt you know speaking forcewords

Kid, didn’t you know speaking and writing in English is just fun?

Hey kid! You think learning English is tough, don’t you? But why? Simply because you study in a vernacular or regional-language school? Or, because your well-wishers […]
Let-our-eyes-live-beyond-our-lives forcewords

Live Meaningful Life

Let our eyes live beyond our lives  Will and a little effort of ours can bring back sight, with that smiles, to visually impaired persons. Of […]