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Live Meaningful Life

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Let our eyes live beyond our lives 

Will and a little effort of ours can bring back sight, with that smiles, to visually impaired persons.

Of every three blind persons in the world, one lives in India. In our subcontinent, around 30 lakh people have lost their vision because of cornea-related disorders. Most of them are children. A majority of them can get their vision back through cornea replacement. And, this offers a great opportunity to us. We can make a meaningful contribution to the society by donating our and our relatives’ eyes post-death and bringing back sight to a million of visually impaired people.

Two corneas of a deceased person removed through grafting or transplantation can give two blind persons their vision back to enjoy the light and sight of this magnificent world of ours.

If somebody registers for a posthumous eye donation, the concerned eye bank’s staff will take the donor’s eyes after she dies. It is not obligatory to sign in any agreement for a posthumous eye donation. If someone among our relatives or acquaintances dies, we need to make a call, as soon as possible, to the nearest eye bank for collecting his/her eyes. For the cynic it is important to note that the method by which eye bank staff collect eyes does not cause any deformation of the face of the deceased.

The society requires that we be free from all kinds of superstitions and baseless beliefs, and come forward to donate our and our relatives’ eyes.

– Tulika Chatterjee

(The contributor is a working lady based at Baksara, Howrah, West Bengal, India. She can be reached at

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